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Tubular Membrane Electrode Apparatus


ASTOM Tubular Membrane Electrode Apparatus [EDCORE]

EDCORE is a cylindrical diaphragm electrode device using a seamless tubular ion exchange membrane. It is used for recovering free anions generated in the electrodeposition coating process etc. It has various unique features different from conventional products using common sheet ion exchange membranes.


High strength It is a simple electrode chamber structure that does not require a support because of strong film strength. Since the current is not blocked by the support, it is possible to effectively utilize the diaphragm area (current carrying area) and also to ensure the circulation flow rate of the extreme liquid, thus reducing the occurrence of foreign matter such as bacteria in the device. Suppression of sediment Since the surface of the film is smooth and absorbs dimensional change, there is no wrinkle generation. Since there is no wrinkle, the occurrence of spots is suppressed, and the defective coating ratio of the cutting factor is reduced. Since there is no permeation other than ionic substances other than low permeability ionic substances and the water permeation amount of 0.8 MPa or less is zero, it prevents extreme liquid contamination. Ease of handling Easy handling in dry condition, lightweight and robust, easy to handle, compact equipment, easy to arrange individually with high degree of freedom of placement.


· Electrodeposition painting of automobiles, building materials, household appliances, etc.


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