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Automatic Spray Reciprocators

Fully automatic vertical reciprocating, horizontal reciprocating control

Rihting has more than 40 years of experience in reciprocating machines, tailor-made for customer needs, regardless of vertical reciprocating, horizontal reciprocating, automatic program control module, multiple sets of workpiece size memory, human touch Screen and programmable control system, easy to operate, and flexible space for user convenience.

The multi-axis gun mover robot can simulate the movement of a human body using a single gun or multiple guns. These devices can cover the entire part or be used with other automatic spray guns.

You can choose the best possible choice according to your requirements, especially for the coating of complex parts or the need to eliminate manual coating. Available multi-axis gun movers, including three-axis machines, robots and other multi-axis configurations for one movement One or more guns, combined with multi-axis motion, can use gap and height triggers to penetrate the recessed area while triggering and closing the gun as needed to ensure adequate coating of all part surfaces.

It is believed that the use of Rihting’s precision reciprocating machine will increase the powder coating efficiency to a new level.

Rihting’s precision reciprocating machine painting features:

  • The stroke length and speed can be easily adjusted to meet production needs.
  • Smooth, fast and precise movement, fast and even coating.
  • Increase production and quality coatings.
  • Accurate stroke length adjustment reduces paint/powder waste.
  • Reduced maintenance – regular cleaning and lubrication.
  • Minimize labor costs.
  • The smoothed commutation of the electronic control reduces the vibration of the gun.
  • User-friendly touch screen controls to control speed and stroke length.
  • Servo control is provided to easily set up precise motion.

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