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High temperature environmental protection thermal carbonization spreader cleaning furnace

Thermal carbonization spreader cleaning furnaces are also known as paint stripping furnaces and hot cleaning furnaces. This equipment is specifically designed to clean poorly painted workpieces during spraying and special equipment to address coating fouling. The temperature of the carbonization chamber is controlled by PID, which has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and no damage to components. It has become one of the indispensable equipments in the painting process and is widely used in the field of painting.

Rihting’s Thermal carbonization spreader cleaning furnaces is developed in combination with the advantages of similar products on the market. Use gas as fuel and set the temperature required for each stage to maintain the temperature required for each stage through the thermostat controller. Compared with similar products, it has unique explosion-proof technology and furnace structure to ensure safe and reliable operation and long service life.


  • The flame burns in the afterburner and only hot gases enter the furnace.
  • Remove the unacceptable paint or powder coating to clean the surface of the workpiece without damaging the workpiece.
  • The paint on the spreader will not be burnt by the flame, but will be broken down into ashes by high temperature.
  • The furnace temperature rises and the heating rate is controlled by a computer.
  • The paint on the spreader is thoroughly cleaned without damaging the spreader and is extremely efficient.
  • The actual temperature and set temperature in the carbonization furnace will be displayed on the microcomputer controller.
  • The length of the thermal carbonization cycle time can be freely set throughout the cleaning process, depending on the time.
  • The air-floating material produced after the decomposition of the thermal paint is discharged into the atmosphere after being pressurized and burned at a high temperature, and does not cause air pollution.

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