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DI Water Supply System

The importance of pure water

Natural water (river water, groundwater, etc.) contains solid substances such as suspended matter, fine particles, fungi, ions, silicon, and organic matter. In the semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and the like industries need pure water. These industrial environments require high purity of water. Ultrapure water is required to remove impurities and produce high quality items.

Ultrapure water is treated with raw water such as industrial water and well water by filtration, ion exchange resin, membrane separation, activated carbon, membrane method, deoxidation, sterilization, etc., to remove the main impurities in the water, and obtain special water quality. Ultrapure water with a resistance of 18.2 MΩcm.

Pure water

Deionized water is also graded, for example: HPLC grade…that is: HPLC-specific water, which is higher in grade than general deionized water. It is treated by anion-cation exchange resin to remove positive and negative charged ions in water. The treated water has a conductivity of <1 us/cm and a pH of about 5.0-6.0.

Our professional pure water treatment technology

Ultrapure water is widely used in semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other industrial production. The purity of water is high. Depending on the application, most of the process is the cheapest, most used raw material. If it cannot be purified and sealed accurately, It will cause significant harm to the process and products.

Our system uses a “pre-treatment device” for hollow fiber membranes, a “disposable pure water device” equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane and an electrically regenerative pure water device, plus an ultraviolet sterilizer and a refining tower. Compared with the traditional filter device, it has a very high processing capacity. Even if the turbidity of the raw water varies greatly, the water quality is not affected, and it can be used according to the difference and usage of the raw water. Reassemble to match the most suitable ultrapure water demand.


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