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Direct Fired Deodorizing Device

Direct Fired Deodorizing Device

Device for deodorization and energy saving

The combustion method has the direct combustion method and the catalytic combustion method, which is related to the combustion temperature, the residence time, and the intake flow rate. According to the characteristics of odor, the direct combustion method usually mixes and burns with the odor gas inlet speed of 4.6 ~ 9.lm3/sec and the combustion gas in the combustion chamber of 480~815 °C, and the residence time is 0.25 ~ 0.60 seconds, which can be well removed. The effect of a typical direct combustion system can be combined with heat recovery and air preheating facilities to reduce energy consumption.

Direct combustion

The direct combustion method is effective for the direct combustion method for high-concentration odor treatment, but the fuel cost is high, and the organic solvent and the odor are oxidized and decomposed by burning after maintaining a certain temperature. The odor is heated and burned, and since it is treated by an oxidation reaction, it is decomposed into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2)..

Catalytic combustion

The catalytic combustion method has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low temperature and low energy consumption. Although the catalytic combustion method can completely convert harmful substances in the exhaust gas into harmless substances, the purpose of deodorization is achieved.

Exhaust gas (or solvent) can be directly treated as a tail gas (or solvent) at 700~800 °C, and almost exhaust gas (or solvent) can be treated.

High-efficiency heat exchangers are installed to significantly reduce operating costs.

Features of direct-fired deodorizing device:

  • The range of application is extremely wide, allowing almost any odor treatment by organic solvents.
  • Deodorization efficiency is high.
  • Through the heat exchanger, high fuel consumption due to high temperature treatment can be reduced.

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