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Disk Coating

Disk Coating

Lifting disc coating equipment

Our coating process is developed using the most advanced technology through the use of computers and robots. This precise processing method is specially developed for various types of components, especially for lifting discs. This is combined with Rihting’s development in environmentally friendly water-based materials and high-efficiency low-consumption induction curing systems. These systems are combined. A powerful combination to maintain the high standards required by the global automotive industry.

The use of robotic spray brake discs provides the ability to selectively apply only the surface, or a designated portion, to avoid application of paint on top, by controlling the gun position and paint control without the use of expensive screening devices.

Suitable for many different coatings

We are able to offer a wide range of coating solutions from a wide range of well-known and professional coatings suppliers, all of which use the same rigorous quality control procedures to facilities for all high or low volume coatings, robots or manual sprays.

We can spray waterborne or solvent based, organic or inorganic coatings, with a full range of coating colors to enable engineers to achieve the right coating results.

When anti-corrosion is required, we also have low-neutral salt spray, up to 1000 hours of neutral salt spray, depending on the type of coating and the film thickness required by the target.


  • It can rotate at speeds of up to 1,000 to 80,000 rpm, and even the toughest coatings can be atomized into very fine particles, resulting in a high quality surface.
  • Fine atomization provides a uniform coating thickness across all surfaces and reduces overspray and paint waste.
  • The quick disconnect of the nebulizer and disk makes maintenance easy and reduces downtime.
  • The entire coater is fully automated, providing high productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Simplified user interface control panel
  • Provides the operator with complete control flexibility and allows the operator to change parameters not only between batches, but also in the same part.
  • The simplified user interface control panel is capable of recording a wide variety of different coating parameters, which facilitates easy and efficient application to a wide variety of objects.

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