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Flame Treating Systems

Flame Treating Systems

Flame treatment is the introduction of reactive groups on the surface of a polyolefin material, such as polyethylene, through an oxidizing flame containing an excess of oxidizing gas and oxidation. Because these materials are difficult to bond or paint, they are primarily used to improve performance.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, it is used as a pretreatment for processing such as bumper painting and plastic film coating.

Flame treatment features :

  • Surface modification can only be carried out by burning an object instantaneously through a gas flame.
  • The contact surface is small and the hydrophilicity is high.
  • Strong adhesion to inorganic primers can be achieved.
  • Unlike many conventional surface modification treatments, the surface modification effect can last for a long time.
  • Not only metal + resin, but also a combination of resin + resin and ceramic + resin.
  • Suitable for a variety of materials such as metals, resins and ceramics.
  • It is a pretreatment that can be electroplated, printed, bonded and painted on difficult to handle materials.

Advantages of Rihting Flame Treatment Equipment

  • Electronic ignition:
    Built-in electronic sensor, the object is automatically ignited, and the flame is automatically turned off without work, saving gas consumption.
  • Multiple protection designs:
    To ensure the safety of the system, a dual solenoid valve design is used on the gas circuit to ensure that the gas is reliably shut off during anomalies.
  • It adopts variable frequency motor and stepless speed change device, which can adjust the processing speed arbitrarily.
  • PLC control, manual mode, automatic mode free switching, flexible control.

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