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Hydrographic Coatings

What is water transfer printing?

This is the latest method of applying print design to 3D surfaces.Water transfer can be used for metals, plastics, glass, hardwood and a variety of other materials. Almost any object that can be immersed in water can be transferred using water transfer.Water transfer coating is widely used in the decoration of various items, from large car dashboards to small items such as bicycle helmets or other automotive parts such as car rearview mirrors. These films can also be applied to a variety of less common substrates, including fiberglass and ceramics.

Water transfer printing coating process

The main part of the water transfer printing coating process is the actual pre-treatment of the part before it is immersed. Parts need to go through the entire coating process: surface treatment, primer, lacquered and clear coating. Water is immersed between the coating and clearcoat stages. At this time, the professional hydrographic film having the pattern to be transferred is placed on the surface of the water tank. When the object is immersed therein, the film surrounds the shape. Rihting uses high quality activators because it is one of the most important elements in establishing high quality hydrological transfer.

Carbon fiber wrapping using water transfer printing coating

Carbon fiber hydraulics is by far the most common effect we have requested, but there are many other designs on the market. Such as: military camouflage, wood effect or metal effect. Hydraulic impregnation design is widely used in automotive parts, including wheels, bodywork, interior parts and engine compartment components. We also have Water transfer printing coating equipment for custom motorcycles, self-propelled carts, bicycle frames, wheels and even video game controllers.

Water transfer printing can cover any surface. The final step is to apply a clear top coat to protect the baked pattern.


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