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Ice Machines

Ice Machines

Design and manufacture of various ice water machine equipment

There are two basic equipment designs for ice machines: air-cooled refrigeration units and water-cooled refrigeration units. Air-cooled units are generally more water efficient; water-cooled units are generally more energy efficient.

Our range of products includes: industrial ice machines, commercial ice machines, independent ice machines, modular ice machines, refrigerators, ice transport systems, automatic bagging systems, and more!

The ice maker (ice chiller equipment) includes an evaporator and any associated drive/controller/outer frame that is directly involved in manufacturing and injecting ice into the reservoir.

Our modular cube ice design is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and complete after-sales service. High quality crystal clear ice cubes are provided daily.

The new design is easier to use, and the large capacity ice storage tank is suitable for use in restaurants, hotels and beverage shops in any factory, industrial environment, or commercial area.

ENERGY STAR qualified equipment

Energy efficient designs are also available, including ENERGY STAR qualified equipment. The system is equipped with double stainless steel evaporators and antibacterial agents to keep these ice machine dispensers dry, clean and smooth.

Every ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save energy and money for the business. These ENERGY STAR batch ice machines have an average performance increase of 10% and water savings of 20%. Batch-type equipment that meets the new Energy Star standard can save additional energy and water consumption during the life of the product, saving the company cost.


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