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KOCH Ultrafiltration Membrane Series


Filtration Solutions for the Industrial and Municipal Markets

KOCH membrane separation technologies are used to concentrate, clarify and purify liquids, and recapture valued materials across diverse industries to increase yield and reduce waste.

Whether you are purifying water or wastewater for reuse, discharge or potable purposes on the front and back end of your operations, we customize advanced filtration systems to help you achieve environmental sustainability.

COCH Tubular

Tubular Membranes

KOCH tubular modules are designed for applications with extreme levels of suspended solids and can concentrate up to 60% solids. Tubular designs have more moderate membrane areas, but larger modules have been developed to accommodate greater feed volumes.

COCH Hollow Fiber

Hollow-Fiber Membranes

There are over 125 different products in our hollow-fiber line, made for applications with a moderate level of suspended solids. Our Hollow-Fiber membranes include pressurized and submerged products, operating in Inside-Out or Outside-In direction.

COCH Spiral

Spiral Membranes

Spiral-wound elements are used in applications that have relatively low suspended solids. A variety of feed spacers of different thickness and geometry are used to expand the solids’ tolerance of spiral elements. KOCH offer more than 200 spiral-wound membranes in a complete range of pore sizes (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration). Specific membrane selection is made based on the required separation properties.


Medicine / Biotechnology

Membrane tubes and systems are provided for the following applications: enzymes, organic acids, ultrapure water, depyrogen sources, cell lysates, blood products, whole cell culture fluids, vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, proteins, yeast, recombinant products, vitamins.

Wastewater treatment

Used in oily wastewater, product regeneration, or liquid reuse.
Applications: Metal production, chemicals, machine tool lubrication, metal materials, food processing, transportation, textiles, leather, paper, municipal engineering, printing and other industries.

Electroscopic paint

It meets the needs of the world in the recycling of paints in electroscopes, applied to cations and anions, with high recovery and quality. Applications: Automotive industry, appliances, general industry.

Water treatment

Hollow fiber membrane tubes and systems provide efficient and economical water treatment to remove bacteria, dirt, particles and suspended solids. The system produces water that meets the quality standards for the following applications: pharmaceutical water – USP purification, electronic grade pure water, beverage water, reverse osmosis pretreatment, industrial water.

Dairy products

Provide high quality products that are fully FDA and USDA compliant.
Applications: Concentration of serum, concentration of milk, production of fresh cheese, standardization of milk, protein fractionation, filtration of brine.



Promote production and recycling of raw materials.
Applications: clarification of sugar, clarification and concentration of gelatin, concentration of eggs and proteins, recovery of starch, concentration of blood proteins, clarification of vinegar.



Mass production is possible.
Application: Elucidation of fruit, pear, pineapple juice, clarification of wine, regeneration of residue, upgrade of orange juice, clarification of cranberry and grape juice.


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