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Liquid Coating System

Liquid Coating

Design advantages of Rihting liquid coating system

Liquid coatings are widely used in automobiles and other products that require a smooth, mirror-like finish. Rihting’s design is completely enclosed, giving you better control. You don’t have to worry about the liquid being sprayed into your surroundings, just like using an open roll. In addition, the enclosed design ensures that the spray booth is clean and clean.

Our liquid coating equipment uses a rotating disc instead of a nozzle. Because liquid coating nozzles are prone to clogging, it is easy to increase maintenance costs, and the rotating disc method reduces downtime, allowing you to use a wider variety of liquids.

How does our liquid coating equipment work?

In our liquid coating equipment, the rotating disk applies liquid to the dry solid during continuous flow. First, the dry material is rotated from the low RPM rotating disk and falls into a 360 degree curtain around the second disk. Rotating at high speeds, the liquid drip onto the second disc and atomized into a fine mist – and then driven into the surrounding dry product curtain. The percentage of liquid applied depends on the porosity of the dried material and the ability to absorb the liquid.

Because we use a disk instead of a nozzle, the pump and other components of the machine last longer because of the lower back pressure in the disk. You can use a variety of liquids and slurries without the risk of clogging. Our design allows for a more even coverage of the liquid on the dry material.


  • Easy to mark
    Liquid paint is used, because the oven is not required to set the paint, so parts can be easily marked.
  • Professional special needs
    Special coatings for liquid coatings include specialty coatings that illuminate in the dark, making them ideal for special markets such as transportation, medical, aerospace and military applications.
  • Cut costs
    The first significant advantage of liquid coatings is that because coatings can be applied thinly, you need less paint, which in turn makes them a cost-effective option. Fewer materials means less cost!
  • Less error
    A consistently effective coating saves a lot of time and money.

Unit is equipped with:

  • Entrance and exit openings
  • Dry disk drive with timing belt/sprocket reduction
  • Coating chamber with scraper
  • Single door inspection
  • The stainless steel liquid tray has a V-belt drive and support legs.

These components include a variety of options including:

  • Stainless steel and food grade structure
  • Dry disk shift control
  • Variable inlet spout on the drying tray for remote adjustment
  • Stacked disk arrangement for finer atomization and wider spray patterns

You can also integrate these units with our continuous mixers to find the solution that best meets your needs, and welcome to contact our experts.


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