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LVLP Spray Gun Solution

Excellent surface treatment LVLP coating

The full name of LVLP is Low-Volume-Low-Pressure, which is a low-volume low-pressure coating. It has excellent surface treatment and can be used in waterborne coatings as well as in dilute coatings. Most importantly, it requires only about 10 PSI at the nozzle, ie any air compressor can be used in the appropriate range.

The low air consumption combined with excellent surface finish is the two advantages of LVLP low pressure fixed spray gun coating, and it also means that LVLP does not have to have a professional grade compressor.

Advantages of LVLP:

  • Has a beautiful surface quality and saves a lot of material.
  • It can reach more than 80% of the products in the minimum overspray level.
  • Suitable for clear coatings and low air consumption.

The LVLP system is a turbine drive, but it operates 41 cfm at a gun pressure of 1 psi. Fine sprays are quickly dried and sprays are rare. LVLP is designed for the application of special solutions and exfoliating agents. The HVLP gun, like the HVLP system, offers spray mode options for cooling grip, material flow adjustment and trigger adjustment.


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