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Paint Oven

Reputation in a variety of industrial heating applications

Rihting is a pioneer in the manufacture of baking ovens. We offer complete packaging, including technical specifications, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning procedures. Our baking ovens are ideal for a wide range of powder coatings, available in a wide range of sizes, types and temperature ranges, with minimal gradients in width and height, and uniform heat to ensure uniform baking of all components.

Various temperature range controls

Our baking ovens are available in a wide range of temperatures. To ensure that our ovens operate smoothly before shipment, we pre-assemble, wire and test to ensure that every temperature control is accurate and that the heating medium is tailored to your needs. Pre-tested and used with gas, diesel, electric or thermal fluids/steam, all ovens are constructed with high quality components using a unique modular construction method.

Batch box oven furnace manufacturing

Rihting is available in a wide range of sizes. The medium and large industrial ovens feature a modular box and expandable construction with the unique features of world-class insulation to minimize heat loss.

Rihting oven features:

  • Bolt construction for easy installation.
  • Modular box and expandable structure.
  • Independently controlled hot air circulation fan.
  • World-class insulation for maximum heat loss
  • More energy savings increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Head-mounted heater box for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electric, steam…
  • Ingenious hot air circulation system design.
  • The automatic control panel comes with an alarm and a timer to ensure the curing or baking quality of the powder or paint.
  • High capacity low pressure hot air circulation system.
  • All ovens have a uniform temperature.
  • Easy to operate, flexible and flexible materials.
  • Hot air circulation air blinds with volume control are included.

Dryer type

  • Batch door type: manual · automatic
  • Continuous furnace shape: flat furnace / mountain furnace


  • Metal parts (steel plate, casting)
  • Resin parts


  • Dry after washing
  • Post-painting

Coating type:

  • Electrodeposition coating
  • Solvent coating
  • Waterborne coating
  • Powder coating

Application surface:

  • Paint baking/drying
  • Powder curing
  • Varnish / gel coat baking

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