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Painting robot

Multi-axis coating robot expert

Our coating robots are designed to apply coating materials to different areas of the part. Coating robots can be used in primers, topcoats, clear coatings and spray dispensing, using waterborne, solvent based, powder, glaze and glue/adhesive and other materials.

They can effectively coat complex parts of almost any size and shape, including grooves, curved surfaces.

The robot arm is made of lightweight aluminum castings, designed with a three-roll hollow wrist and can be connected to electrical control equipment. Some models use an open “machining arm” for mounting any manufacturer’s painting equipment. Our painted robotic arms are not only slim, but robots can be installed in many different locations for greater flexibility.

Additional joint of the seventh axis

In addition to the standard 6-axis automatic painting robot with horizontal waist joints, a 7-axis base robot is also available. The seventh axis acts as an additional (vertical) joint and is specifically designed to increase the working range of the robot.

The collision avoidance software allows multiple robots to work close to each other. As more robots work together, throughput and cycle time are improved.

Safety first

In many cases, painting operations are a dangerous and cumbersome task in the application of the product and may be exposed to harmful volatile organic compounds, isocyanurates and related carcinogens, while coating robots may Moving in some dangerous working environments, plus the robot is made of explosion-proof arm, it can safely use flammable gas to protect the safety of related personnel.

Our flexible, high-performance paint robots increase processing costs, product consistency and throughput, and significantly reduce operating costs and material waste.


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