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Powder Coating

The widest range of coating applications

More and more companies are designating powder coatings with high quality, durable surfaces that maximize production, increase efficiency and simplify environmental compliance. As a functional (protective) and decorative finish, powder coatings have almost unlimited color and texture, and with the advancement of the times, more and more excellent performance.

The powder coating is adhered to the workpiece and baked in a high temperature oven to complete the coating using an electrostatic dry blowing method or a fluidized impregnation method.


1. Stable high quality

  • Painting environments such as temperature and humidity are hard to be affected.
  • The coater is stable in quality compared to solvent-based paints because of the ease of automation of the coater.
  • It has excellent tough film properties in terms of physical properties, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and the like.

2. Environmentally friendly coating

  • Since no organic solvent is used, air pollution (VOC prevention) and water pollution can be prevented, and the impact on the human body is very small.

3. Economic advantages

  • Paint that has not adhered to the workpiece during the painting process can also be collected and reused.
  • Since the solidification zone during the painting process is unnecessary and it can be baked at a higher temperature and in a shorter time than the solvent-based paint, the painting equipment can also be made compact.
  • Since the thick film coating is easy, it is not necessary to repeat the painting multiple times, and the painting/baking process is small.

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