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Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Effectively deep cleaning the narrow corners

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of cleaning an item using ultrasonic waves (usually between 20-400 kHz) and a suitable cleaner. Cleaning usually lasts from 3 to 6 minutes or more than 20 minutes, depending on the object to be cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly uses the vibrating element to generate the ultrasonic oscillation frequency, which is basically inaudible to the ear. This energy is generated by several mass energy converters inside the machine, which produces countless vacuum. Bubbles, causing cavitation. At high frequency oscillations of tens of thousands of times per second, these innumerable tiny vacuum bubbles generate strong impact when oscillated and ruptured, and then penetrate into the inside of the fine cleaning gap to clean the surface of the object and the dead space of the slit. The dirt is peeled off to achieve a cleaning effect. Although the ultrasonic cleaning is performed by vacuum bubble cleaning, it only cleans the surface of the object and does not damage the structure of the object.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the field:

  • Manufacturing metal industry
  • Work machine workshop
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Process industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Car and vehicle workshop
  • Jewelry industry

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