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Service Process

As a total solution coating applicator, we offer a complete line of powder and liquid coating options for metal, wood and plastic products, for any size production runs.
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Customer Needs, Wants and Demands
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Quality Control (QC)

Professional Service . Global Support

Rihting continues to learn, progress, grow with customers, cooperate with customers, and lay out globally

Our Services

International Project Development

  • Comprehensive Project Management :Our Project Development Services include the full range of support services needed to identify, evaluate, select, and implement specific power plant projects. We typically work as an extension of a client's organization and provide only the specific support services needed for each individual project.
    We effectively support developers, owners, investors, and contractors in the development and implementation of our projects.
  • Modular Design:Our equipment production is based on modules, quality can be easily controlled, speeding on-site installation speed, improving equipment quality stability, enabling equipment to meet customer requirements for production planning.

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  • Multi-factory scheduling:Rihting has a number of manufacturing plants in Asia. Each factory has good processing equipment and tools. In the production process, the product inspection process is checked by professional engineers to check the specifications, materials and quality of the product production process. Each construction detail meets the requirements of the design and the owner, and uses computerized management to strictly control the progress of the construction period.

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Equipment Capability Updates, Upgrades, and Modernization

Modernization and upgrades involve changing the product or service to include new functions and interfaces, improve system performance, and/or improve system supportability. The logistic support of a product or service reaches a point in its life where system modernization is required to resolve supportability problems and to reduce operational costs.
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Customer Cooperation

"In order to fit customer 's requirements, we will keep close cooperation with customers from the product initial development.
Let our products meet the market demands and make sure every customer obtains perfect professional supports and create win-win situations to customer's satisfactions and company growth."
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Relocation solution

"We bring an engineer’s perspective to the complex task of delivering or relocating machinery – including building safety and risk management into each project.

By applying this approach to the many relocations. we has achieved an enviable success rate in factory relocations. Our track record that means customers can be confident that we will preserve the integrity of their machinery and plant equipment throughout every move.
Backed by specialist lifting equipment, our transport services include:
- Total factory removals and building make good packages
- Total equipment relocations with turnkey operation
- Total solutions to reduce downtime
- Industrial lifting equipment
- Low headroom and confined space
- Storage during relocation"

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Equipment Cleaning

  • Cleaning & Maintenance Department:Independent department in charge of cleaning and maintenance of paint shop equipment.
  • Professional Management:Well experienced & trained personnel will plan & take care of cleaning & maintenance work for the customer with sufficient knowledge & know-how concerned.
  • Most Economical Choice:Will offer various schedules & quotations in accordance with customers' requirements for his proper choice.
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    Our Special Machines helping our customers by bringing new ideas from outside their industry.

    Our accessory equipment adds more features and doubling capacity to our customers.