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Air Replacement Systems

Rihting – expert in the design and construction of spray booths, baking and air conditioning systems

The air conditioning system (also known as the air replacement system) air conditioning system replenishes the same amount of fresh air per cubic foot of air, and replaces the polluted air with the fresh air outside. A constant air temperature is maintained regardless of the temperature of the incoming outdoor air.

Our system integrates heat recovery for industrial applications. The air displacement system replaces the polluted air from the spray booth with fresh outdoor air heating, maintaining a constant temperature regardless of the temperature of the incoming outdoor air. The air displacement system replenishes an equal amount of fresh air per cubic foot of air, providing variables for recirculating airflow integration as needed.

Green energy and efficiency commitment

Rihting solutions are leading high efficiency, low carbon dioxide and reduced life cycle. Taking advantage of industry practices, leading subsystems, high efficiency motors, high efficiency fans, low pressure drop filtration, low leakage enclosures and more features make us the industry’s number one choice.

Our spray booth can provide a lot of fresh air. For example, a typical 10 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft spray booth can discharge more than 16,000 cubic feet of air per minute. The air displacement system provides conditioned and filtered air to minimize temperature changes and remove particles that affect the quality of the finished product.

Testing and debugging services

We offer a complete testing and commissioning process, including re-commissioning and air cycle inspection services to ensure smooth operation.  We offer comprehensive training and education in on-site training and operational processes.


  • Automatic air conditioning throughout the year
  • Easily manage air conditioning settings from your computer
  • Automatically control energy based on external temperature to achieve energy saving requirements.
  • Reduce operating costs by 20%
  • Adds functionality to existing air conditioning units without the need for a complete replacement
  • Create balanced building pressure and maintain comfort
  • Introducing supplemental air to improve indoor air quality
  • 100% fresh air
  • 80/20 or variable circulation airflow
  • Cooling and humidity control

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