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Continuous Galvanizing Line

Continuous Galvanizing Line

rovide complete processing line equipment

Rihting supplies a variety of galvanizing production lines at low cost. The purpose of the continuous galvanizing line (CGL) is to apply a layer of zinc to the surface of the steel to increase its corrosion resistance.

Rihting not only provides complete equipment for the galvanizing process line, but also provides customers with relevant operational expertise from our long-term experience.

Multi-station arrangement

Our system consists of multi-station arrangements. These facilities handle a wide range of process and coating operations in one line.

These furnaces have continuous production lines: carbon steel, stainless steel, low carbon steel, quenching, strand annealing, tin plating or galvanizing production lines.

It can lay up to 40 endpoints at the same time, providing complete processes such as surface treatment, pre-melting, galvanizing, polishing, etc. from the pay-off line, cleaning range, guide roll winder, controller, etc.


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