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Equipment Cleaning

Keep your heavy equipment clean, it will last much longer.

You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your equipment and you know how inconvenient and expensive breakdowns can be. That’s why it’s important to keep your machines’ motors, radiators, tracks and other parts free of the grease build up that leads to breakdowns.

Here at Rihting, we can help you with your heavy equipment cleaning. We will get your machinery clean and ready too go, so that you can get back to work with confidence, knowing that your equipment is well maintained, in good working order, and ready to work hard for you.


Cleaning & Maintenance Department :

Independent department in charge of cleaning and maintenance of paint shop equipment.

Professional Management :

Well experienced & trained personnel will plan & take care of cleaning & maintenance work for the customer with sufficient knowledge & know-how concerned.

Most Economical Choice :

Will offer various schedules & quotations in accordance with customers’ requirements for his proper choice.


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