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Dipping Coating

No need for equipment or spray booths, saving paint coating

The dip coating is a precisely controlled impregnation and any substrate is drawn into the liquid reservoir to deposit a layer of material. Dip coating techniques are used in many chemical and nanomaterial engineering research projects in academia and industry.

Many factors help determine the final state of the film dip coating. Various reversible dip-coated film structures and thicknesses can be produced by controlling a number of factors such as immersion time, unwinding speed, number of immersion cycles, solution composition, concentration, and temperature.

The sequence number of solutions and the ambient humidity per immersion. Dip coating technology provides uniform, high quality film even in large, complex shapes.

Dip coating technology can be used for self-assembly and sol:

Self-assembly allows the film thickness to be exactly a single layer. The thickness of the film produced by the sol-gel technique is increased and precisely controlled, which is mainly determined by the deposition rate and solution viscosity.

The Advantages of Dipping Coating :

  1. Any excess paint simply drips back into the dip tank to be used in the next round of application.
  2. Highly efficient, minimal waste systems
  3. Dip coating also lends itself to automation given its relatively simple, repetitive process.

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