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UV Curing Oven

Fast curing product coating

The two fastest choices for fast curing product coatings are UV and IR curing.

U.V. Cured coatings are cured using UV lamps, usually in a matter of seconds or minutes to cure the coating in an instant.

Both of these applications have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultraviolet ovens use shorter wavelengths than infrared and offer different advantages than infrared.

Effectively save time and money

If U.V. cured coatings are used in advance, it not only exceeds the powder coating system in terms of performance, but also increases in speed and cost. Powder coating systems are typically cured in a gas furnace, while U.V. cured coating systems use electric lamps. These lamps have low operating costs, low replacement costs, and extremely high energy efficiency.

In addition, the U.V. coating system uses less space. Since the U.V. curing lamp does not require a heating step, it is not necessary to cool the components. This means that parts can be packaged immediately after painting and ready for shipment at any time. U.V. Cured coatings save time and save money.


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