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Static Electricity Elimination Equipment

Low air consumption, energy saving, and savings

The ion generation rate is automatically adjusted according to the polarity of the object to be charged, and an automatic ion balance function is provided to introduce an electrode to reduce adhesion of particles from the outside.

The newly developed discharge header provides maximum charge removal and low air consumption. The high flow rate air ejected from the main hole and the safety hole not only prevents contamination of the tip of the discharge needle but also rapidly brings ions generated by the discharge needle to the charged object to eliminate static electricity. The one-button discharge pin socket is easy to maintain and supports an instant monitoring system.

The optimized discharge electrode needle can maximize the flow rate of small air. Even if the air pressure is set to low, high-speed charge removal can be performed, the operation cost is low, and the maintenance cycle is significantly prolonged.

Static Eliminator Solution:

  • Static remover ion bar
  • Air type static remover
  • Air gun type static remover
  • Electrostatic dust blower
  • Compact (no wind) static remover.

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