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Special Release Agent

Special Release Agent Coating

Professional coatings for tires, bumpers, gaskets or sports goods commonly used in the automotive industry

The release agent (release agent) is a processing agent applied to a mold before molding a synthetic resin, a synthetic rubber, or the like, and prevents the synthetic resin, the synthetic rubber, and the like from sticking to the mold, and is easily separated from the mold. Make the mold surface free of residual substances and speed up the production process.

The release agent (release agent) coating does not harm paint or rubber. It is often used in the automotive industry for tires, bumpers, gaskets, etc. Sporting goods are golf club heads, tennis rackets, fishing rods, etc., in many fields. The molding of the product.

40 years of research and development experience

Rihting has nearly 40 years of experience in research and development of mold release agents and is trusted by various industries around the world. Through the development of mold release coating solutions in many large companies, Rihting understands the conditions required to release the most complex materials in the most demanding molding applications. We have developed mold release formulations specifically for the manufacturing industry, such as composites\FRP molding, elastomers, rubber molding, polyurethane and extruded PU, mandrel forming, vacuum bag forming, rotary, compression and injection molding. Our release agents are optimized to increase the productivity and efficiency of key mold components; from aircraft storage boxes to O-rings, carbon fiber bicycle frames to tires, Rihting offers complete solutions for your molding operations. In addition, all of our formulations are 100% non-flammable, have very low odor, and have low VOC content to no VOC, making them an environmentally friendly water-based formula.

Release coating provides a critical barrier between the molded surface and the substrate

Why is the release agent a key part of the molding company’s operations? The release coating provides a critical barrier between the molded surface and the substrate, facilitating separation of the cured portion from the mold. Without such a barrier, the substrate would fuse to the mold surface, resulting in difficulty in cleaning and a significant reduction in production efficiency. Even with the use of release agents, factors such as irregular applications or improper release agent selection can have a significant impact on the quality and consistency of the finished product. Therefore, engineers must understand which types of release agents are available and which variants can complement their production methods.

Strong R&D department and rapid development team provide unique materials

Rihting specializes in providing the highest performance and most cost-effective release coating solution for our customers. Our company specializes in PTFE and reactive polyoxyalkylene coatings. Our proprietary chemistry, strong R&D department and rapid development team can provide unique materials for your production to meet your specific performance requirements.


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