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Pre-treatment system directly affects product quality and operational efficiency

[Pretreatment equipment] Improves the adhesion of the coating material by removing foreign matter adhering to the surface of the material, and cleans the inside of the inclined body chamber by forcibly spraying a large amount of washing water inside. The pretreatment system directly affects product quality and operation. effectiveness. Our solutions include clarification, softening, filtration, chemical feed systems and sludge treatment. Colors, suspended solids, dissolved solids and other contaminants that are harmful to pure water treatment systems and our customers’ industrial processes can be removed.

High-quality conversion coatings are critical to the durability of painted metal products, including the removal of surface contaminants and the chemical cleaning of surfaces into non-conductive inorganic conversion coatings. The conversion coating can increase the overall surface area and promote adhesion of the subsequently applied organic film. In addition, the conversion coating changes the chemistry of the surface, thereby increasing corrosion resistance. It is these two functions that increase surface area and change surface chemistry as the basis for the base material for painting.

Our technology includes:


  1. Turbidity removal
  2. Softening: cold lime softening, warm lime softening, hot lime softening, corrosive softening

Filtration (pressure and gravity)

  1. Media filtering
  2. Activated carbon
  3. Iron removal
  4. Milling machine descaling

Chemical feed system

  1. Sludge treatment
  2. Thickener
  3. Filter press

Strive to improve quality and reduce the environmental burden of pretreatment equipment

We will propose initiatives that will help improve quality and reduce the environmental burden of pre-processing at the customer’s premises.

Quality improvement

  1. Large-capacity shower system: high-pressure spray system, flood sprinkler system
  2. High-performance iron powder removal system: precipitation method, bubble suspension system, cyclone system, Bug filter type
  3. Multi-stage filtration system
  4. Magnet filter system

Reduce environmental impact

  1. Metal oxide film (no color)
  2. Microbubble system

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