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Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum dryer / vacuum drying equipment / vacuum baking equipment

Vacuum dryers are widely used in the vacuum baking of various batteries, electrodes, semiconductor parts, precision, electronic parts, electronic materials, metals, ceramics, laser equipment parts and other plasma electrode parts.

We have different vacuum pumping systems and, depending on the cleanliness required, different designs and modifications depending on the application.

The exhaust system consists of an oil rotary vacuum pump and an oil diffusion pump to achieve different vacuum effects. Depending on the workpiece, heaters can be installed on each wall. In addition to providing a clean heating environment, each heater provides a temperature controller and is separately operated by the PID controller, so it can be more accurate. Temperature control is reliably performed. You can also use the controller to set the temperature rise mode.

Automated design

Thanks to the automated design, after startup, the functions of vacuum evacuation, temperature rise, valve opening and closing are automatically operated, so that anyone can easily operate. On the graphics panel, it is easy to confirm the operating conditions, even during individual operation, each interlock function prevents errors in operation.

Vacuum drying equipment features:

  • Fully automatic control equipment
  • Measures to prevent metal pollution
  • Equipment structure can minimize the installation area of the drying furnace
  • Equipment structure capable of minimizing the amount of installation in the drying furnace
  • Support hardware/software configuration of hopper devices
  • Process condition data logging
  • Reduces production time through dry inspection
  • Process history management via barcode / RFID
  • Quick maintenance with remote maintenance

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