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Paint Circulation Systems

Intact and complete paint circulation system

The paint circulation system includes a paint container, a pressure sensor, a servo motor driven pump, an electronic servo drive, a controller, a plurality of paint applicators, and an isolation valve. The pressure sensor provides a signal to the controller indicating the current pressure in the system. The servo pump is controlled by the controller and servo drive to draw paint from the tank and maintain the required pressure in the system. The isolation valve is located downstream of the applicator and is closed when the applicator requires paint. As the paint flows toward the applicator, the servo drive adjusts the pump speed to maintain the desired system pressure detected by the pressure sensor. When no coating is required, the isolation valve opens and the servo pump motor operates to provide a minimum flow to circulate the paint from the reservoir and return it to the reservoir.

Experience and consideration at all levels

To design a coating cycle supply system, it is necessary to first determine the circulation mode of the coating, especially the circulation mode. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the various types of coatings, product requirements, scale and use.

In the design of the paint circulation supply system, after selecting the appropriate equipment, the corresponding control system should be correctly designed.

At Rihting, we have more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of coating recycling systems. Our design is particularly suitable for a wide range of coatings, and our construction can be used in conjunction with the entire coating line.


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