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Paint Robots

Multi-axis precision robots to meet the needs and realization of automatic factories

Rihting offers a new range of robotic arms in a variety of sizes and configurations for any robotic coating application. These robotic arms feature lightweight aluminum castings, a three-axis hollow wrist and an explosion-proof cavity for electrical control equipment.

Some models use an open “machining arm” for mounting any manufacturer’s coating process equipment, close to the applicator, for responsive paint process control. In addition to the standard 6-axis automotive paint robot with horizontal waist joints, a 7-axis base robot is also available. The seventh axis acts as an additional (vertical) lumbar joint and is specifically designed to increase the working range of the robot.

Optimal working range and maximum yield

Rihting Coating Robots are suitable for a wide range of coating and coating applications, providing convenient operation, optimum working range and maximum throughput. Some models are designed to operate in hazardous environments and offer a wide range of stretching and handling capabilities, regardless of your painting or dispensing requirements, to determine the model that meets your needs.

From the operator to the actuator arm, our range of products includes robotic peripherals: cutting-edge software and innovative controllers, and we can work with you to develop customized solutions. Whether it is the maximum speed behind the system safety fence, or the action solution that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0, or the intimate integration between people and machines in Human Machine Cooperation (HRC).


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