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Mesac’s liquid coating equipment has greatly reduced the amount of paint used and shortened painting time.

There are some products that need to be sprayed with high-priced coatings. For example, UV coatings and silicon-based coatings are very high in unit price. In order to reduce the cost of coatings, a highly efficient spray gun is developed, which is a low-pressure atomizing spray gun.

Characteristic :

  • The coating is atomized with low pressure and low air volume, so the loss of the coating is less and the coating efficiency is higher.
  • The atomizing nozzle is specially superhard precision machined, and the coating is well micronized, which can spray a smooth coating like a mirror.
  • The paint nozzles are specially shaped to prevent vertical flow.

Application :

  • Fluorine coatings: automotive pistons, O-rings, throttles, copier rollers, solenoid valve plungers, laptop parts, gears, camera tubes, TV parts.
  • UV coatings: mobile phones, cosmetic bottles, optical machines, home appliances, furniture, tables, doors and windows.
  • Silicone coatings: laptops, mobile phone buttons.
  • Photocatalyst coatings: lighting fixtures, mirrors, building materials, glass products.
  • Molybdenum coatings: turbocharger parts, air compressor parts.
  • Inorganic coatings: containers, bottles, flow tables.

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