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MESAC Electric Flow Powder Coating

Electric Field Fluidized Powder Electrostatic Applicator

The world’s most accurate powder coating equipment manufacturer for film thickness control

MESAC is currently the only powder coating equipment manufacturer in the world to adjust the film thickness from 10μM to 300μM, and is the only powder coating design equipment manufacturer that can reduce the film thickness to 10μM.

Due to the design concept of MESAC powder coating equipment and the precise requirements for film thickness, the results of painting are completely different from those of traditional gun powder coating equipment.

We are free to control the powder cloud and adjustment process method to  the entire surface. In addition to the high application efficiency to the coating, the power lines formed at low voltages are moderately attracted to the workpiece, so that a uniform coating that does not concentrate on the edges can be performed.

Finished product quality and appearance

Excellent smoothness, the same quality can be achieved due to space control.


It can be operated by anyone with special reproducibility, for example by digital management, activated by a single button.

Powder use efficiency

The amount of powder taken out by the circulation system in the apparatus is small, and the use efficiency is 90% or more.

Film thickness control

By adjusting the powder concentration, a wide range of thickness can be controlled, and in addition, the edge portion does not become thick, and a uniform film thickness can be obtained as a whole.

Compact design

The installation space is approximately half that of an electrostatic spray gun device in the ALL IN ONE package.


Because of the small amount of consumables, it is easier to manage and reduce costs.


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