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Emergency Power Systems

Emergency Power Systems

Closely related to critical safety systems

The emergency power generation system provides any need for continuous power supply during a power outage. For example: critical safety systems for buildings, elevators, factory production equipment, fire protection systems, backup lighting, medical or life support equipment.

At Rihting, we provide complete automatic operation power supply equipment. When a power outage occurs, the uninterruptible power system automatically detects the power loss. Within a few seconds, the system will automatically command the generator to start, then transfer the power load to the generator, and the backup generator will immediately begin to supply power to the circuit.

After the power is restored, the electrical load is automatically transferred back to the original power supply, and a shutdown signal is sent to the standby generator. Then return to standby mode and wait for the next interrupt.

Provide regular security checks to ensure proper system operation

In order to ensure that the system operates correctly, we can provide a self-test once a week.

We offer different UPS uninterruptible power systems and remote control management systems, most of which use diesel power, natural gas or liquid propane gas.

Customers can choose the most suitable critical power management system based on environmental requirements.


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